Saturday, 15 December 2012

Merry Gibber-Mas!

Hey there Gibberish Readers! So, has nearly everyone finished work for the Christmas Holidays yet or yer still busy grinding away to get them last minute coins in? I have pretty much stopped until after Christmas really, logos and new cartoon creating for others that is! But hey hoooo the Gibberish festivities start here! Damn it though, I still need to buy half of my presents for others yet!

But, having said that...

...The other day, mid week in fact I got these cards back from being printed. You all saw my Gibba-Cluas design on Sunday I take it? Well, here they are looking bang tidy I most say! The question is, who wants one? If you do just give me a private message on Facebook and give me your address so I can send you one!

Oh, and another thing, my FREE t-shirt give away is going down well. Thank you to all that entered in to get one by sharing. I've had 30 shares so far which means there will deffo be 2 winners! Looking forward to selecting the names but if you have not yet entered now is your time to do so. Just get yourself on Facebook and share away to yer crazy hearts content!!

OK, I got a Xmas party to jet off to tonight which hopefully will be great fun! Oh and listen, I might not have another post this coming week as I am doing some other things which involves a bit of Xmas-ness! Have fun you lot if I do not catch up. I hope all my wonderful wonderful Gibberish Readers have a funky and amazing Christmas!! Toodles!!

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