Friday, 4 January 2013

Aliens 'n' Steaks!

So here it is, the first Gibberish blog post of 2013. Wow and to think there were all those saying the world would end on the 20th last year! Well, actually I think a part of it was the world would indeed end but a new one would begin! I agree with that because a brand new chapter in the gibberish saga is indeed beginning. And what better way to start off this new year with one of my biggest projects to date! Fantastic start to the year this has been for me and we are only a few days in already!
OK, so I can not really go too much into this as it is supposed to be a bit of a secret at the moment, but lets just say I am doing something weird 'n' wonderful for, Karl Phillips and TMR. Some sort of wild poster of aliens eating steaks LOL. Yeah, I think the word, wild is a bit of an understatement here. If you do not know already, I did a logo for the band last year and I am continuing to do more visual pieces for them following on with this. If you have not checked this mad band out I suggest you do so already! Yeah that is right, get on it peeps. You can visit them by clicking ==> HERE!!

Anyway, On with the show hey? This here is my work in progress for the poster! Like the aliens and errrrrr...... Cow?

I can guess what you are thinking right now! I bet it is, this damn thing ain't making any sense at all! Well, I would just have to reply to that by saying, I ain't called Gibberish for nothing you know?!
No, but really, it will all be making sense soon enough and the coloured version is going to be something else! I am truly excited about seeing it all done. Mind you, I got a lot to do this weekend with it so I better get a move on, get off this blogger and start with putting it all together.
I do hope you enjoyed the first showing of my first very piece of the year. I promise you something though, it is such an amazing start to a new world! I welcome 2013 in with open arms, you beauty!

OK, that is me gone! Toodles!!


-------Big Ups!-----

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