Monday, 30 September 2013

A Pocket Full of Bricks

So, this may be a bit later in the day than usual for my blog post but for all good reason Gibberish Readers. I was trying to add more to this here new pocket tee design but then I realized I was just taking the focus away from the main concept, not adding to it. So all that extra work I did on it today I ended up deleting. Kind of makes me feel like a day wasted a bit! Anyway here it is my, "A Pocket Full of Bricks" tee design. And yes, you guessed it, it is all about Tetris but even though you understand the bricks do you pick up on the NEXT label and why it is there? Anyway I hope you guys like, and, as usual, here is some mock-ups! This design's colours are really nice I think!

OK, that is me for pocket designs for a while although I am going to try and add an idea I have to my Pocket Power 1 design. However, I really wanna get on and finish my Undead Zed as it has been too long since I have worked on it. Until next time peeps, stay tidy!! Toodles!!


-----Big Ups!-----

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