Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Undead Zed

Finally I think I have finished this design I started a while back Gibberish Readers. I first started drawing this up late July but then was getting involved in other things. Firstly, I went on holiday to France to see two wonderful friends of mine so I am not complaining, no way! But you know when you start something and get distracted it is always difficult to get back into projects again or is that just me? Whenever I get productive on a project I have to stick to it till the end other wise I start getting side tracked and the project itself just ends up taking longer and longer. I sometimes find the hardest part to anything is starting it!!
Anyway, guys here it is, my "Undead Zed" tee design is done! I was going to have the writing say something different but because of spacing I found it better for the design over all to say this! Kind of glad that I was able to finish it before Halloween! So, what do you think, baby?!
Here is the design itself on a few mock up tees. Surprising that it actually seems to work on most colours!

I am glad I can get on with some new tee designs as I've got a few I have been wanting to do for sometime. Sometimes I am so black and white. I always seem to like doing things one after the other. Not too good I know but....... Anyway, I am off peeps! Until next time, stay tidy!! Toodles!!


-----Big Ups!-----

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