Friday, 27 September 2013

Star Power!

Here once again Gibberish Readers with my third installment in my Pocket Power tee designs using Mario Power Ups! This here is that wonderful invincible star all twinkling away as it is jammed into a trusty t-shirt pocket. Love how the pocket itself because of the star is all deformed and stretched out of shape. Also kind of looks as if the star seems a bit shy peaking out from the top!
Also once again here is some mock ups with the design on to show you want it looks like on some tee colours!

I have got 1 more pocket idea in mind and then I think I will get on with something else. I need to finish my Undead Zed tee design and so wanna get onto starting a few crazy new ideas I have. Wow I feel I am kind of on a roll a bit! Until next time peeps, stay tidy!! Toodles!!


-----Big Ups!-----

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