Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Tour Poster Complete!

OK, so first off the bat Gibberish readers, sorry there has been a bit of a gap in between these last 2 posts. There is a reason I promise you that. Reason being this grand tour poster I have been working on for the band, Karl Phillips and TMR (click right HERE to be sent to their Facebook page) has had to go through a bit of tweaking in order to reach this here blog post. I can safely say though the wait has been worth it as this poster is one of my fav all time pieces. Something wild and crazy for your eyes. Something colourful and juicy to sink yer teeth into! This year has gone off to such a good start for me and rightly so! Alright, enough of this banter I tells yer. Here is the final product peeps and I so hope you like too. Oh, and I am showing you the version with the tour dates on. Hopefully soon I will add the one without as well.

This guys is going all around France and in all the good venues too. I hope this will get seen by a great deal of people and really help to sell the bands name well! Be sure to go and catch this band play sometime if you can not get yourself to France because they have amazing live! I will hopefully be doing much more with these guys in the future so keep them greasy eyes of your peeled peeps!

Going off now to start some new work everyone but be sure to look out for this band and this poster going up around Facebook and French land for that matter. * Grrrrr* Wait, is that my stomach rumbling? Off to get some nom noms or maybe just bite down on a cow! Toodles


-------Big Ups!-----

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