Tuesday, 29 May 2012

First Ever Post! Woop woop!!

Wow..... Just wow! You know, as I type this I can not believe this is my first ever time trying my hands at writing a blog post? A year ago if you asked me if I blogged I would of said, "hell no! I would never write one! What is the point?" And yet here I am today punching out letters on my keyboard trying to fill a text window on blogger.com. Funny how times change, right? I thought because it is my birthday tomorrow I would start a post. Been meaning to for a few weeks now and never got around to finally starting one! So I am sorry if everything seems a bit plain at the moment with no real background or funky stuff to company this post, I am just getting my head around this thing. But all in good time my friends... All in good time!!

OK you probably know about this by now but for those that don't I've just started up a t-shirt business a few months back. It is going good so far and enjoying the excuse to draw yet even more cartoons! I've been drawing all my life but thought this is the next big step with it all *punches fist in air*. After drawing logos and album covers for peeps I just wanted to do something for myself and so all this was born. Along side that I thought of doing t-shirt designs for different websites and see how that turns out too. The other week I finished my very first one for Qwertee.com and I have to say, I am liking the idea! Here is a little picture of it so take a gander and let me know what yer think! http://www.qwertee.com/product/nyaaanz/

It really needs votes though so please help out! The downside is you gotta get an account, meaning choose a user name and password but hey, you then can look through and buy other cool tees you like! So it is worth a try!!

But if you wanna check out my own tees come by my on line store if you fancy it. Oh so soon my own website will be done! It is looking sweet so far and I just can not wait to see it done and up in cyber space! But for the time being stop by here guys! http://folksy.com/shops/JakGibberish or you can check out my Facebook group @ https://www.facebook.com/pages/Jak-Gibberish-presents-Gibberish-Art

Crazy about Creativity-royal blue

100% Gibberish-black

Anyway guys I am making this post way too long so I am off to do some logo work. Doing one for a cool DJ named Mooch! Check his FB group if you got the time: https://www.facebook.com/DJMooch!

Right I am out! Check you all later and thanks for taking the time to read my first ever (LONG) blog post!!

Big ups!!

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