Sunday, 23 June 2013

Second Life Mesh T-Shirts!

Welcome back all yeeee Gibberish followers and readers alike! I am back again after a long leave not touching this here blog. I felt I need to get back more often doing blog posts and these past few weeks I have indeed drifted astray!!

You may wonder what the hell I've been up to apart from creating and selling my new design, Bowser Castle t-shirt design (which I thank by the way all those who have supported the process and bough themselves one). Well, I've also been updating my Second Life virtual stuff a bit more too! I have recently made 3D mesh t-shirts within the game for your avatars to buy and wear! I have created three of my designs so far- Bubbles Tenticool, Hello Mah Honey, and this one here, Zombie Fighter. Each t-shirt design comes in eight different colours and both are female and male fitted. I have finished all six of the vendor displays, being different for male and female. Here is a look at the Zombie Fighter t-shirt vendor displays before I hopefully put all designs in my Second Life store sometime this coming week. What you think? I took Second Life photos of avatars wearing the tees then played around and came out with something funky! These are the results of that!

So, if you are a Second Life user and like my designs come check out my store on Wednesday when all this will be finished or you can check out the Second Life marketplace!!

OK peeps, time to jet! I wanna go finish up a few things with this project so I can get it all finished for Wednesday! Take care everyone and enjoy but always remember, to stay tidy!! Toodles!!


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